GSmart Background

In Short

The GSmart project is an Erasmus+ based undertaking - no. 2020-1-PL01-KA204-081415, Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation. It comprises Partners from Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and Türkiye. The project will last 33 months - starting on 1st December 2020. Its budget has been established for 250 415,00. 



The project deals with adult education. The actions were focused on the cross-generational gap that the contemporary Network Societies have to deal with. Nowadays, due to profound technological and demographic changes, people of various generations have to collaborate.

However, cross-generational collaboration and understanding is a complex issue due to the divergent life purposes of people of different ages. Everyday life and professional activities in the contemporary world demand to overcome challenges and bridge the gaps between generations.

Hence, the longer-term project objective and its benefit for the project targeted groups is to present a solution to fit the issue of cross-generational collaboration. Upon the implementation of the project outcomes, a solid common ground - a new culture - for cross-generational collaboration will be established.

The holistic and coherent system of innovative education will sustain as the main result of the project. We will deliver a course - teaching and learning on cross-generational collaboration through social competences. There will be a possibility to develop the system further. Digital technology and innovative pedagogy solutions will be used to support the change.


Intellectual Outputs (IOs)

In IO1, Research On Cross-Generational Collaboration issues has been conducted. It was the necessary analysis of data and information that is fundamental to develop the model in IO2 - for the present and future needs. The Report is directed to the project targeted groups - to prepare them to embrace the problems of cross-generational collaboration, and - as a result - to educate on it. The problems connected with the issue in question will be explained.

The project organizations enabled the shift from a problematic situation caused by cross-generational collaboration into the situation with clearly defined and described solutions.

IO2 has gone towards the design and development of the innovative educational model. The "CGC Model" (model for cross-generational collaboration) constitutes the methodological framework for the implementation of a training program on cross-generational collaboration through social competences and a transmedia-blend approach. Thanks to the innovative model, the Project Partners have extended and developed the competences of the project targeted groups on how to educate the members of the Network Society in the scope of cross-generational collaboration.

The transmedia-blend innovative approach is supposed to motivate the targeted groups to learn new methods of active teaching. The tool - the "CGC Model" - comprises innovative pedagogical solutions and digital technologies: Hybrid Activities and Workshops by activating methods - the training sessions in the face-to-face mode, and Social Learning. We will produce a course - teaching and learning on cross-generational collaboration through social competences. It is be a tool for the project targeted groups to work on a cross-generational collaboration with different age groups - according to their needs and expectations.

In IO3, we deliver an Online Manual. It is supposed to be a training program with the know-how to teach and learn on cross-generational collaboration. It is a multimedia and interactive course presenting the innovative model for cross-generational collaboration through social competences. It includes about 100 hours of training and the know-how of putting the educational model into use – for the sake of the project targeted groups.

By the MOOC platform, i.e., Massive Open Online Course, the transnational society of the project targeted groups obtains the knowledge of how to educate on cross-generational collaboration. The course will bring on an added value at the EU level, as it will be connected with the lack of social competencies related to the cross-generational collaboration - identified at the transnational level.

Transnational Training Sessions (TTS)

Two TTS were organized. They aimd at the knowledge sharing about the the GSmart innovative educational solutions to 20 participants, who come from the project targeted groups. Thanks to it - in the Online Manual (IO3) - it has been possible to present the adjusted and validated project outcomes to the targeted groups.